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Client Testimonials

I strive to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction with the services we provide. My innovativeness, attention to detail and level of service result in deep personal and professional relationships--leading to life-long clients. Below is a selection of our client accolades.


6/19/14 Dear Sara, Thank you for the priceless soul healing/retrieval. Instead of feeling tired after, I felt rejuvenated and everything looked brighter visually and more "alive". The flowers outside, my daughter's smile... You are very blessed to be so in tune with the angels. To help others with this spiritual elevation and clarity of the soul is something we all need at different points in time. Susan Eichhorn
-- Susan Eichhorn


Just being around Sara and her loving and gentle spirit is a gift all its own. In our session together, not only did I learn about the angelic and shamanic spirit world, but she also connected to me to her spirit guides and my guides of my very own. How exciting! Through her and the guides, positive energy began to flow positively in a very challenging area of my life . Thank you for sharing your very special gift, Sara. I can't wait until we meet again!
-- Lacy Morton


I wasn't feeling well. Sara was able to release some energy I was holding onto. I felt a burning sensation in my left hand which was used as a portal for release. I felt an immediate release and the nausea feeling went away immediately. I would definitely go to her again!
-- Ava


"Working with Sara opens the doors to go deeper into your own soul's journey before, during and after the session. Just prior to our soul retrial session, I had many vivid and deeply significant dreams. The healing had already begun once the date/time was set. It's now two weeks after my soul retrieval session with Sara and I'm noticing deeper integration of our work together. Whether you are new to healing on a soul level or have been doing your work since you can remember, I highly recommend doing a should retrieval with Sara. Sara is a warm, gentle and brilliant guide to take all your self knowledge and healing to the next level. I recommend anyone who has an interest in deepening their life experience do a soul retrieval session with Sara Reeve!"
-- Daphna Korf


Sara Reeve is a beautifully gifted healer. She works from her heart and has a very clear channel to the Angels and Spirit realms. Sara embodies integrity & impeccability in her work and in her life. She is a gift to us all, in the physical and non-physical. It is an honor to work with Sara and share this path together.
-- Stacie Codino


Sara did a wonderful healing for me. It was all done in my home, she uses chanting, a drum and called upon Angels to assist in the healing. She saw someone which she explained that she’d like to get rid of and I recognized the description immediately. Someone from my past who had passed on and was still around, thinking, incorrectly, that I needed him. It was amazing she described and got rid of this lost soul who I hadn’t thought of for decades and didn’t know was still around me. Very accurate description. I appreciate her gift and gentle approach to make an otherwise uncomfortable situation a spiritual transformation.
-- Susan Hansson


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