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Soul Retrieval

In the course of one's life it is possible that a portion of the soul is lost or taken from an individual -- producing a sense of sadness, confusion, lack of direction, inability to move forward and/or innate feelings of incompleteness or longing.

Soul Retrieval Generally, portions of a soul can be lost through a traumatic experience, abusive situations, loss of a loved one, a personal tragedy, immense grief, or other painful events. Often, the loss is a defensive mechanism enabling the individual to cope. However, portions of a soul can also be borrowed or acquired by another -- leaving a void requiring the owner to take action to restore completeness.
The objective of a Soul Retrieval is to identify the portions of a soul that have been lost, summon them, and re-integrate them into the individual who lost them. As Shamanic Practitioner I'm able to help create a sacred space for clients and help this happen.  The events that created soul loss will be restored with love, light and healing.  

After a Soul Retrieval, the individual may feel a sense of relief, greater completeness, heightened energy and enthusiasm.  In situations of extreme soul unification, the individual may feel a wide array of sensations from joy to enlightenment to immense relief.  Some clients may feel reborn in a sense and gradually gain their energy back.  This happened to me.  After about 2 weeks, I felt amazing.  

Who Could Benefit from a Soul Retrieval?
  • Everyone is born with a whole soul.  As we grow up, our soul becomes fragmented.  Examples of how the fragmented through experiences such an abusive situation, loss of a loved one, personal tragedy, immense grief, or other traumatic situation and seem to have a void.  Or, maybe are unable to "push forward" with their lives.

What Are The Benefits of a Soul Retrieval?

  • Bringing back one's soul to wholeness can produce a sense of completeness, joy, and even feelings of enlightenment.


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