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Soul Healing

Healing a soul is a Shamanistic practice that has been done for thousand of years.  It restores the balance and completeness of an individual on a soul level.

According to Shamans, a powerful emotional, spiritual, or even physical trauma may result in the loss of a portion of one’s soul. Unfortunately, these losses can compound over time.

When a piece of the soul leaves during a traumatic event, it enters into another realm and is often replaced with extraneous energy. In a Healing, the Shaman removes the energy that does not belong to a person and replaces it with the divine energy that is the essence of that person's true soul.

I use my experience as a Certified Angelic Shamanic Practitioner to help heal souls, enabling clients to experience greater levels of joy and contentment within their lives.

Who Could Benefit from Soul Healing?

  • In our human experience, people suffer throughout their lives.  Suffering from thoughts, events and beliefs.  Taking this from a soul perspective, humans can heal themselves.  This process allows clients to heal themselves with using the assistance from the spirit realm.

What Are The Benefits of Soul Healing?

  • Client may experience feeling light and excited.  The soul healing provides deep and long lasting healing for clients.  Any symptoms outside of joy can be healed.  Client may fee whole and will no longer suffer from what is healed.  


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