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In today's world it is not uncommon to experience negative energy or energy that may no longer serve us.  Energy of this world that may no longer be living sometimes interfere with us who are living.  We can clear this energy with using a compassionate technique called Spirit Release.  This is sometimes known as deposession.  This term can have a negative connotation and create a lot of fear within us to it due to human dramatization of hauntings, possessions and ghosts.  In reality, energy that is still around has not even a tenth of our living power.  All energy around us that is no longer living has the potential to crossover into the light.  I am able to help energy move into the light and no longer suffer in this living world. It is done with the highest compassion for the greater good of all. 

Engaging the practices of Shamanism and working with Angels, I can help to identify, isolate, and release negative forces that may have been bestowed upon or hampering you.  Everything succumbs to the light and will be released in a compassionate way.

Eliminating this negative energy can improve your physical and mental state.  Benefits for clients include feeling more productive, satisfied, and able to enjoy life better.

Who Should Seek a Release?

  • Someone may not feel like themselves.  The space they live in may feel altered or create fear within them.  If you have physical symptoms of imbalance or new behaviors, there may be addition energy attached to you or your space.

What Are The Benefits of Obtaining a Release?

  • With the release of energy that is no longer serving you, you will feel better.  You may experience a lightness.  Your space that is cleared will be free to move out of a stuck mode.  Roadblocks can be cleared.  Clients can feel a renewed sense of purpose in their daily life.


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