My Spirital CompassMy Spiritual Compass
Helping Souls Find Their Way


I offer the following spirit and spiritual-based services to assist my clients:
  • Readings: Leverage Cards to connect with your Angels -- including your Guardian Angel.
  • Guidance: Connect, receive, and interpret messages from Angels, Spirits, and other metaphysical sources.
  • Clearings: Remove the negative energy from a person, pet, or location.
  • Releases: Identify, isolate, and release Curses.
  • Soul Healing: Restore the balance and completeness of an individual impacted by trauma.
  • Soul Retrieval: Identify and reunite lost portions of one's soul.

I am also a Certified Angelic Shamanic Practitioner able to receive messages from enlightened ancestors, animals and other guides; obtain Power Animals; and release energy spirits/curses/contracts and provide other soul level related healing. 

If you require additional services not listed above, please contact me.  I will be delighted to help.

203-536-0191 • 2900 N. Quinlan Park Road Austin, TX 78732 •