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Soul Retrieval Healings


This past weekend, I took a Soul Retrieval course.  It was amazing and I can't wait to share it with my clients!  The idea is simple yet it is so complex.  We all have a soul.  In our human experience, we have events, loss, trauma, abuse, addiction, suffering, and much more that happen.  The concept is that pieces of our soul can leave us (or disassociate) when traumatic events happen to us.  The great news is that we can ask for them back and make our soul complete again.  As a result of soul loss, we can have symptoms that we live with such as pain (emotional/physical), suffering, grief, anger, hate, addiction and much more.  As an Angelic Shamanic Practitioner, I'm able to work with clients on reclaiming their lost soul pieces.  This restores the soul to be whole again and the symptoms can be released.  Sometimes pieces of our souls are held by others. That person or entity may or may not know this.  I'm able to work with clients on retrieving them back for them.  Yesterday in class we worked on each other.  I asked for a loss of innocence piece of my soul to come back.  I was in about 5 grade and a friend brought me to a home of a couple who owned a gas station.  Although, I wasn't physically involved, there were situations happening there that were inappropriate.  I was exposed to drugs and sex.  These adults were not a good influence and I felt part of this for a long time.  After the healing yesterday, I can feel the joy of being that age and no longer see myself as part of the situation.  Being part of the situation made me feel wrong and mischievous.  I now feel that as a child I was brought into this situation and don't feel any part of it any longer.  I'm not feeling any suffering or sadness toward it.  It just is there and I'm healed.  The soul piece came back to me in the form of a purple butterfly.  This new power animal is supporting this soul piece retrieval.  I feel very blessed to have received it back and honored to have this beautiful butterfly supporting me moving forward.  I hope to share this experience with you all someday where you can reclaim your lost soul pieces and feel whole again!  Thank you!

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