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Angelic Shamanism Healing Circle


Yesterday I attended Stacie Codino's Angelic Shamanism Healing Circle.  There were about 14 people there at Natures Treasures.  Stacie channeled Mother Mary.  She anointed us and gave us a group message.  It was a very powerful healing. She took us on a Journey to meeting with Mother Mary.  Being raised a Catholic, I never in my wildest dreams could imagine as a child actually meeting her.  About 1.5 years ago, I went to Dahlia Rondeau for a healing and Mother Mary came in.  I felt her energy and she began working with me.  It was so beautiful to work with her and she has given me many messages. One message she gave me once was to share that she is the Divine Mother Of All and we can call on her anytime. Yesterday, when I was anointed, it was a ceremony.  I felt a deep heat in my chest from where Stacie pressed her hand while putting the lavender oil on my forehead.  She took us on a journey and I met with our Divine Mother.  She told me that I would be working with others on a much larger scale.  My purpose was growing and sharing.  I asked her for a healing and she gave me a penance.  I've started it today and I'm trusting in the healing.  I share this to let you know that we do have the ability to work with Mother Mary.  She's a beautiful, compassionate and Divine Mother.  Working with her gave me a comfort and love that I felt fully supported right then.  I hope you call on her yourself and get to experience this joyful feeling of her unconditional love.  Thank you Stacie.  Thank you Divine Mother Mary.

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