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Welcome to Sara's web log -- or blog. Please check regularly as I often share thoughts and experiences that you may find interesting and helpful.

Going with the Flow


I'm taking part of Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey's free 21 day meditation on Finding Your Flow.  It is a true gift that they give me these meditations daily.  Anyone can sign up for it and I sent it to a few friends who I thought may enjoy it. You can find it by going to the Chopra Center Website.  Yesterday, I did the meditation to deepen my intuitive self.  What I experienced in my physical body surprised me.  I did the meditation and instead of feeling revived and better, I was wiped.  So instead of fighting it, I allowed myself to be in the flow of receiving this new energy and help my body adjust.  Sometimes, when you work with higher vibrations, it doesn't always match our physical bodies.  Therefore, instead of fighting this and pushing through the exhaustion or mis-match, I just surrendered.  I feel that I'm re-building my physical body right now to match my soul body.  Doing a lot of soul level work, makes a shift in our energy.  Thank you to Deepak and Oprah for all that you have shared.  I feel so blessed to be a part of your gift to the shift in our humanity for a better world.  Aho and Amen!

Clearing A Business


A client asked me to clear their business.  The business was established a few years ago and just wasn't picking up.  The sales weren't where the owner expected them to be.  I did a remote clearing since I had already been to the location for services.  On this journey, a beautiful Power Animal showed up - a Black Raven.  I had never worked with a Raven before however, it's energy was positive, fluid and strong.  The Black Raven came with me to the office and helped clear up any energies there that no longer serving the business.  The Raven stayed at the site and will continue to protect and honor this business.  It showed me how large it could be and it was beautiful and very powerful.  The Raven signifies transmutation.  I feel that this business was cleared and that it is off to a new start.  I asked the client about a follow up email I had sent over the phone.  They responded that the financial numbers of this particular office, and even their other office, were "off the charts" for the past week.  A record high I was told. What was really amazing is the message that the Raven had for my client.  The Raven told me that spirit honors this person for their honest trustworthy work in society and in the community.  It was a powerful message and I feel honored to be a part of this transmutation for this client.  Aho!

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