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About Sara Reeve

Sara Reeve I am a mother of three children between the ages of 10 and 14 years old. I have been happily married to my husband, Phil, for nearly two decades.

We moved to Austin from Stamford, Connecticut a few years ago. Spirit brought us here and after moving, I realized why. I had asked the Universe to provide me with a deeper understanding of my psychic abilities.  

In CT, I worked with a group Vistar Foundation.  This is an organization that studies and works in the field of Collective Consciousness.  When people work together in collective groups of consciousness, magic happens!  

After arriving in Austin, I joined a community called Spirit Awakenings where I found a new basis for providing my gift. And through study with Barbara Marx Hubbard, I also became an Agent of Conscious Evolution.  It took me from having an ability to providing a "gift to the shift" of our evolving conscious humanity.

I am able to use my abilities to connect with spirit realms that we may or may not see. I work with both the Earth Energy (Shamanism) and Angelic Energy (Angels). As we are all made of energy and nothing in us is constant.  

I am able to work with this energy at a soul level to provide new beginnings for my clients. 

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