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Helping Souls Find Their Way


As a Certified Angel Guidance Counselor┬«, I can help clients ask questions and receive answers from the Angels about your life, evolution, health, loved ones, co-workers, family and pets.   I can also work with clients to find their Angel of Protection, Angel of Neutrality and Guardian Angel.  I can also help clients receive special messages or guidance from the Angel Realm with or without having specific questions.  This can be done in person or remotely as well.

In addition, I can help clients connected with loved ones who have passed through Mediumship.  I work with clients on receiving messages and affirmations from these loved ones who have crossed over.    

Who Should Have a Reading?

  • Angels are high vibrational beings who love and support us all the time.  Everyone can benefit from receiving messages from the Angels.  The Angels want us to have a joyful life and evolve to our best self.  Their messages are sent with the highest intention for the greater good of all.
  • Anyone with a loved one who has passed that they wish to connect with.

What Are The Benefits of a Reading?

  • The Angels can provide direction and movement for us with human issues.  Clients may feel lighter and feel better. With the protection and guidance of Angel energy, clients will feel a shift in their awareness as well. Clients may feel that they are no longer alone in life to face their daily life issues. After activating an relationship with Angels, clients may feel that their life shift for the better.  Clients often begin to be aware of the signs from their Angels.
  • Often times, messages from our loved ones provide us support, a sense of knowing and love.  I work with clients to receive these messages so they can reconnect with those that are no longer here.  

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