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Helping Souls Find Their Way


I can help you connect, receive, and interpret guidance from Angels, Spirits, and other metaphysical sources. As a Certified Angel Guidance Counselor┬«, I am able to help leverage the surrounding dynamic forces to improve your health, outlook, and day-to-day life.

I can help you receive messages from Spirits that have crossed over to Heaven. These Spirits may include loved ones, family members, enlighted ancestors, and even cherished pets.

Animals influence our lives tremendously.  I can help you locate, connect with, and obtain guidance from your Power Animals, lending their wisdom and protecting you from harm.

As a Certified Angelic Shamanic Practitioner, I can also help you access guidance from nature and the physical world around you. This is possible as the environment surrounding us is composed of continually changing energy. Tuning in and interpreting this energy can unlock tremendous potential on the physical, emotional, spiritual, and metaphysical dimensions.

Who Should Receive Guidance?
  • There is a think layer between our physical world and our spiritual world.  Anyone interested in having energy guidance will benefit from receiving guidance.  Some people may feel stuck or helpless.  People who are interested in coming into contact with their supporters and allies will receive guidance and healing.  If you don't ask, you can't receive.  The energy healing and messages are guided by free will.  There are many opportunities to work with these enlightened beings.  I assist clients in a deeper understanding.

What Are The Benefits of Guidance?

  • Clients will feel loved and supported in decisions.  With a new understanding on the flow of life and how loved they actually are, clients will be better able to handle world, life and daily issues.  In addition, with energy healing work, clients can have physical symptoms removed as well as non-physical symptoms.  


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