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A clearing is a process to remove negative energy from a person, pet, or location (such as a home, business, land, or an automobile). It enables spirits that have not yet crossed comfortably to do so, leaving those in the physical world to be surrounded by more positive energy.

Spiritual clearing can assist in the elimination of long-standing emotions and belief systems that may lead to depression, hopelessness, despair, frustration, rage, confusion, fear and illness.  In addition, sometimes other people extend their energy onto a person, place or thing.  I'm able to look into this energy and remove or transform it for the greater good of all.

Who Should Have a Spiritual Clearing?

  • Any person, place or thing can have energy cleared from it.  It is all done with the highest intention for the greater good of all.  Clearings come from love and deep compassion for other energy.  Nothing is forced or shunned.  All energy succumbs to the light.  With Angelic Shamanism work, energies flow without resistance because it is all done with compassion for the energy.

What Are The Benefits of a Spiritual Clearing?

  • Restoration of balance and harmony once obstacles and energetic limitations are removed
  • An increase in cash flow
  • Increased energy
  • A feeling of positive and calm, with the ability to think more clearly
  • Reduced stress and drama in their life
  • Quality sleep for a longer period of time and wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized
  • Begin to think creatively and “out of the box” to achieve a higher level of success
  • The ability to trust their intuition
  • Spiritual values come to the surface
  • Free from the energetic bondage of past traumatic events

After receiving a clearing, the body experiences a restoration period that may last for several months. The body is rejuvenating spiritually and adjusting to a new energy level that will be a higher vibration.  When you commit to change, you will be awakened to the path of free will deepen your spiritual journey.

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